Demystifying Retirement & Comprehensive Financial Planning

We aim to demystify retirement by guiding you through the various intricacies of investment strategies, asset allocation, and retirement decisions. We prioritize client service and education, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed choices about your financial future.

By illustrating the importance of early planning, diversification, and the impact of lifestyle choices on retirement savings, our goal is to help you see a future you may have never imagined. Then we collaborate with you at every step, ensuring you approach your retirement with a clear roadmap and realistic expectations.

We foster genuine relationships built on trust, empathy, and a deep understanding of each client's goals. It's about actively listening to your aspirations, concerns, and dreams, and crafting personalized financial strategies that align with your long-term visions. We prioritize transparency, ensuring you feel empowered and informed at every step of your financial journey.

Our Planning Process

Our process-driven program includes evaluation of your current situation, identifying areas for enhancement, and asset reallocation recommendations as appropriate.


1. Our Two-Part Introduction

The Retirement Empowerment Workshop: We share concepts and concrete tools ideally suited for folks within a 10 year window of retiring.   

The Personal Insight Meeting: This meeting allows us to get insight into your present situation while you get insight into AdviceOne’s perspective.

Participating in The Retirement Empowerment Workshop before The Personal Insight Meeting allows us to dive directly into customized advice at your subsequent meetings.


2. The Unique Possibilities Meeting

Here’s where the advice begins. Collaboratively, we will construct your retirement planning spreadsheet. We’ll log into Gateway and your 401(k) with you to focus on your Roth opportunities, contribution methods and potential NUA decisions. 


3. The Net Present Value Solution

Using simple arithmetic, you will decide on an Asset Allocation tied directly to your retirement plan.


4. The Tactical Consensus

You will decide where and how each account you own will be invested, mapped directly to your unique Asset Allocation.


5. The Tax Summary and Estate Planning Matrix

The Tax Summary: We will review your tax returns and share them in a format that helps us spot areas for advice.

The Estate Planning Matrix: We’ll assess your estate plan (wills, trusts, POAs, etc.) and point out any weaknesses we see for you to address with your attorney. This will be the year your estate plan will finally align with your current financial situation and who you have become.


6. The Review Schedule

For us to have a continued impact on your decisions, we need to meet on a recurring basis. We suggest every four months. In the year you or your spouse decides to retire, we might meet 8 -10 times. 


7. Ongoing Discussions and Social Events

To supplement your Review Schedule, we offer our Client Enrichment Series exclusively for AdviceOne clients to help you make essential decisions at each stage of your retirement (click here for a sampling). In appreciation of our clients, we also plan social events to help you keep in touch with colleagues (click here to see a few).

The AdviceOne Difference

You’ll notice The AdviceOne Difference the moment you walk in the door. Every member of our team is dedicated to making you feel respected and comfortable. We speak your language, match your pace and comfort level, and collaborate with you on every decision.