2015 Event Photos

2015 10th Annual UTC Ambassador Event

AdviceOne clients from UTC companies joined hosts Michael Grossman, CFP, Carlos Henriques, CFP, Tim Miller CFP, Chuck Johnson, CFP, Lorie Schappert, RFC and Neil Goldberg, ChFC at The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station for cocktails, dinner and dancing. Hundreds of new backpacks and school supplies, as well as generous checks were collected for the Boys and Girls Club of Hartford. This event just keeps on growing and we can't wait until next September!

2015 AdviceOne UTC Executive Focus Group

From left to right, Bill Hastings, Joanne Hastings, Jim Dunn, Julie Dunn, David Bonsall, Holly Wilson, Michael Teixeira, Caroline Vandedrinck, Michael Grossman, and Scott Wilson.


Michael Grossman's 2015 AdviceOne Advisory Council

MPG 2015 AO Advisory Council

Chuck Johnson's 2015 AdviceOne Advisory Council

CVJ Advisory Council 2015

Lorie Schappert and Neil Goldberg's 2015 Joint AdviceOne Advisory Council

LRS NAG Advisory Council 2015

Tim Miller's 2015 AdviceOne Advisory Council

TMM Advisory Council 2015

Dinner and Wine Tasting Ambassador Event with Lorie Schappert

Neil Goldberg's Ambassador Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Lorie Schappert's Ambassador Kayaking Trip

AdviceOne Ambassadors Cocktails and Dinner

Neil Goldberg's 2015 AdviceOne Advisory Council

NAG Advisory Council 2015

Carlos Henriques' 2015 AdviceOne Advisory Council

CMH Advisory Council 2015

Lorie Schappert's 2015 AdviceOne Advisory Council

LRS Advisory Council 2015