Meet Michael Grossman, CFP®


Michael Grossman, CFP®, is the President of AdviceOne LLC and AdviceOne Advisory Services, LLC. He works extensively with executives and professionals at RTX, Otis and Carrier, collaborating with them so that they own all their retirement decisions. Michael began his career in financial advice in 1990 after graduating from UConn with a degree in Business Administration. He’s held his Certified Financial Planner designation since 1994.

Michael has presented hundreds of Retirement Empowerment workshops throughout the United States and is well-known in financial circles for his captivating and enlightening discussions.

Since its creation in 1999, AdviceOne has been transformed by Michael from an advisor-led practice into an extraordinary team-managed organization of professionals who are obsessed with delivering an exceptional experience to their family of clients.

Fun facts about Michael

  • Lives in the Berkshires in Massachusetts with his wife, Katie, where they enjoy frequent visits from their daughters and son-in-law
  • Enjoys reading, walking, fishing, and playing games at his lake house
  • Attends the Sundance Film Festival each year

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“I love the fact that we're logical but it's even more important that our clients are so logical. They absolutely make all their decisions based on Six Sigma. They follow processes, we follow processes, and it's a wonderful relationship.”

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