Your Client Liaisons


We are pleased to introduce a team who will act as your personal links to your advisor. They will implement the plans you and your advisor have created. Whenever you have questions, they will expedite the research and respond quickly. We hope you will feel free to contact them with any questions at any time.


                                                                             860-659-4900          800-218-8588

Your Client Liaisons can:

  • Process one-time withdrawals
  • Increase or decrease systematic withdrawals
  • Change your address on your accounts
  • Coordinate pre-59½ distributions for IRAs
  • Fill out Beneficiary Designation forms
  • Monitor post-70½ Required Minimum Distributions
  • Understand tax information on forms such as 1099s, 1099Rs and 5498s
  • Adjust tax withholding for state and federal taxes for IRA distribution