With the milestone of my 20 years at AdviceOne, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how lucky I was to have a friend convince me that I MUST meet with Michael Grossman. I did not realize then, as a 28 year old mother of an infant, how life-changing that meeting would be for me and my family for the years to come. Michael and Katie supported me both professionally and personally in every aspect, holding to their promise that my family would always come first. I was able to build my career at AdviceOne at the pace my family allowed, working fewer hours in the early years when my presence was needed the most and adding to those hours as my children grew.

It was always important for me to find success but even more important was to be a present and hands-on mother to my children. I think it is remarkable that by being a team member at AdviceOne, I was able to be 100% successful at BOTH! I doubt there is another company out there that could have given me what they have and I cannot express my gratitude enough.