Jim Apicello

I had talked with a number of colleagues who were clients of AdviceOne regarding their practice and the feedback received was always consistent and positive. The fact that most AdviceOne clients worked for United Technologies Corporation (now RTX), was a plus as AdviceOne was very familiar with how our corporate 401(k) worked.

Do we trust that AdviceOne has our best interests in mind, and makes decisions that positions us to attain our personal financial goals? The answer is yes, without a doubt. The decision to retire could not have been made without their assistance. They ultimately made early retirement possible before age 58.

All the employees have been professional and great to work with including the Client Liaisons who play an important role in the daily operations.

We are nearing our 10-year anniversary since our first meeting with AdviceOne and look forward to a long and strong relationship with them as we enjoy retirement.