Don Berdan

My wife Lisa and I have been AdviceOne clients for almost 2 years now. I wish I had started as a client sooner! I have now been receiving great advice on what I should be doing in the market and with my Carrier 401(k). The webinars I have attended are very helpful and reassuring. I love the way we get quarterly meetings with our advisor, Tim Miller, to let us know how our portfolio is going and what our outlook for retirement is. Tim explains everything we have inquired about in easy terms. His attention to our personal situation has made us feel secure with him and the team at AdviceOne. The team works long hours and I have been surprised to be able to have consultations in the evening hours when I have time enough to concentrate on my finances.

I am retiring in September and that may have happened much later without the advice from Tim. Seeing how my portfolio is doing and how the future projections are going and creating a life income plan, I now feel ready to retire and go onto the next chapter in life.