FAQs for Webinars

Please feel free to call our Webinar Support Squad at (800) 218-8588 with any unanswered questions before or during the Webinar.

As a reminder, please be at your computer and ready to log in 10 minutes prior to the start of any webinar.

We recommend logging in from a home computer for the best experience. You will have difficulty logging in from your work computer due to your company's firewall. If you won't be able to access your link from your home computer, please call our Webinar Support Squad to request a new link.

Using a tablet?

  • Please ensure the GoToMeeting application is downloaded on your tablet.
  • If using an Apple iPad, you will be able to fully participate. If using another tablet device, you may not have the option to participate and be heard during the Webinar.
  • In order to fully participate, you will need to access your Audio Settings and obtain your audio PIN. The Audio Settings icon looks like a gear, and is located in the upper right-hand corner. Once on the call, you will need to enter the 9-digit access code. When prompted, enter the audio PIN in to your telephone keypad.

Joining from multiple computers?

  • The link you received for this Webinar is unique to the email address you provided us.  The link cannot be shared with other users.  Please contact our office if your household would like to log in from two different computers and we will register you with two different emails. Please call our Webinar Support Squad at (800) 218-8588.
  • Once the link has been clicked from one computer; it cannot be clicked on from another. However, you can click on the link multiple times from the same device.

Can't hear the webinar?

  • In addition to clicking the “Join Webinar” link, you will need to dial in to the conference call on your telephone to hear the presentation.  Follow the instructions provided in your access information email.
  • Once on the call, you will need to enter the 9-digit access code, then, when prompted, the audio PIN to be able to join the Webinar.
  • Please note this will be a long-distance call, so use your cell or a landline with an unlimited long-distance calling plan as necessary.

Have a question for the speaker?

  • During the Webinar you have the ability to “raise your hand” and ask questions.  Simply click on the hand icon next to your name, and the presenter will call on you.
  • There is no need to mute your phone during the Webinar, as we will ensure you are heard ONLY when you ask your question.

Lost connection?

  • If you lose connection on your PC/tablet, simply log in again by clicking the link in your access email.
  • If your call disconnects, redial the phone number, and enter the 9-digit access code, then, when prompted, enter your audio PIN.

System Requirements

  • When joining the Webinar, you may be prompted to download a small application through Citrix onto your computer.  Select “YES” if prompted. If asked to “RUN” or “SAVE,” choose “RUN.”
  • If you are curious about what system requirements are needed in order to join the Webinar, please click here to learn more: GoToMeeting System Requirements.