Client Testimonials


     “AdviceOne has allowed us to make the big decisions with confidence. They explained  retirement planning concepts well, listened to our goals as we developed our retirement plan, and have been with us through all the detailed steps to execute our plan.
     The entire staff is over-the-top responsive and friendly. Their familiarity with Pratt & Whitney’s retirement plans is a big plus. Simply put, AdviceOne makes financial planning for retirement easy.”

- Bob Malecki, retired, Engineering, Pratt & Whitney


     “Upon the recommendations of many of my colleagues at Pratt & Whitney, my wife and I made the decision to meet with AdviceOne for professional management of our finances and retirement plan. Now having been with AdviceOne for over 8 years, I continue to find this was the best financial decision I have ever made as we both have been extremely pleased with the relationship and advice.
     They possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of RTX financial and retirement tools. The solid, logic-based approach they used in creating our personalized financial retirement plan appealed to us immediately.
     Michael Grossman and Dani Wrubel provide us with timely advice and guidance regarding the right financial moves for us through various life and market events. The level of service they provide is simply phenomenal."

- Graham Webb, Executive, Commercial Engine, Pratt & Whitney


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     "We were introduced to AdviceOne in a Retirement Empowerment workshop that presented an understandable and fiscally sound strategy for managing assets into and through retirement. Their approach was simpler than others we had reviewed and allow us to customize our plan to meet our lifestyle and longer-term goals. The tools available to us for managing assets and estate planning have gone beyond our expectations.
     Client support from the AdviceOne team has been exceptional both in response to our inquiries, but more importantly, proactively from their team as market conditions have changed. We feel confident this team will be behind us for many years!"

- Brian Dwyer, Commercial HVAC, Carrier


     "My wife and I have been clients of AdviceOne since 2014 and have been extremely pleased with the relationship and their retirement planning advice as well as their managed portfolio performance. I know I have a solid plan and do not worry about the markets and know my wife would be in good hands if something happened to me.
     AdviceOne is big enough to have access to fund managers and financial experts through their relationships, yet small enough for very personalized service.
     They understand the intricacies of the legacy UTC companies benefits for both executive and non-executive employees. Their guidance on deferred compensation, ESOP/NUA strategy, SARs, RSUs & PSUs timing and doing ROTH conversions each year convinced me I could retire early at 61, live very comfortably, and also be able to leave a legacy.
     Their Client Enrichment workshops and State of the Market webinars are excellent resources outside of the regular meetings."

- Gary Christman, retired Executive, Quality and Continuous Improvement, Carrier

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     "Carlos and AdviceOne have fundamental knowledge and expertise around our RTX benefits that enable them to recommend a very structured and proven approach to retirement investing.
     What sets Carlos and his team apart from other experts is that they offer a personalized experience adapting to my changing needs. Whether life goals or schedule constraints, they always meet me where I am, literally and figuratively. At age 46, I’ve already achieved several retirement goals, enabling me to start executing my “what’s next” instead of dreaming about it."

- Christina Ostergard, Executive, Enterprise Operations, Collins Aerospace


     "Our thanks to AdviceOne for the excellent financial planning guidance and professionalism. They have delivered on their promises to be open and honest and to help us achieve our planning goals per our requirements and risk levels. Our relationship started about 5 years prior to retirement and continued through the retirement decision making process into our current semi-retired state. AdviceOne knows the UTC/RTX benefits package inside and out and have helped us navigate through all the many options along the way. My wife Mary and I know we can count on the and our advisor Tim Miller to be there on a regular basis for continued excellence in planning and decision making."

- Phil Brigham, retired, Customer Account Management, Collins Aerospace


     "We have been with AdviceOne for over 9 years. We greatly value their financial expertise, including a deep knowledge of UTC/RTX benefits and complexities thereof. They have been our trusted partner with our retirement plans. They have delivered personalized guidance to help us make sound decisions and helped us avoid poor/uninformed decisions. AdviceOne does great job of navigating employer benefit changes, tax law changes, market cycles, elections, etc. and help “tune out the noise" with their structured methodology. We enjoy their informative and timely webinars, social media updates, and other client events."

- Scott Thomson, Executive, Commercial Avionics Engineering, Collins Aerospace


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     "Tim Miller and the AdviceOne team have provided me invaluable financial planning advice and have helped me manage my portfolio better than I would like to admit. Whenever I have questions about investment strategy or how to best think about any major financial movements, the first thing I do is reach out to Tim and the team."

- Tyler Tom, Executive, Digital Technolgy, RTX


     "Over the last 8 years AdviceOne has been instrumental in understanding our financial goals, risk tolerances, and has done an outstanding job aligning our portfolio to support our retirement. AdviceOne has extensive knowledge of the UTC/RTX savings and retirement benefits including 401(k), IRAs, Roth conversions, SARs, deferred compensation, and other long-term compensation components. Michael Grossman and Dani Wrubel are great to work with, taking the time to explain options and potential courses of action to help us meet our long-term savings and retirement goals. Dani and the entire team at AdviceOne are excellent communicators and always respond quickly and comprehensively to any questions we might have. They specialize in UTC/RTX employees, and we have been completely satisfied with the services that AdviceOne has provided and have recommended them to others from UTC/RTX."

- Mark O'Malley, retired Executive, RTX


     "Carlos Henriques and the AdviceOne team are very patient, helpful, and always pleasant to deal with while accommodating our needs. The AdviceOne team has a culture of true client service, are very professional, competent, and always act in our best interest. Carlos has made our financial planning journey stress-free, and we have been successful achieving our goals."

- Marc D'Orvilliers, retired, Commercial Engines, RTX

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     "My wife and I have been clients of AdviceOne and our advisor, Carlos Henriques, for the past 8 years. Over that time, Carlos has truly embodied the role of fiduciary; we know that he always has our best interest at heart in all of his advice and counsel.
     AdviceOne’s financial planning philosophy is simple and straight-forward and aligns very well with our own approach to building wealth over time. Their planning philosophy is structured around an asset allocation model that is based on the client’s risk tolerance, future expenses, and life choices.
     In addition to financial planning, they also provide excellent advice on tax-efficient strategies like fully leveraging Roth 401(k) and IRA, income deferral, and strategically leveraging NUA at retirement.
     And lastly, their working knowledge of legacy UTC/Otis Executive Compensation programs, 401(k) and pension systems allows them to provide guidance and insight."

- Tyrus Royal, Executive, Operations, Otis


     "We became clients of AdviceOne over 2 years ago and the experience has been outstanding. Our financial advisor, Tim Miller, is interested in our goals for the future. He has crafted a financial plan that fits our future vision and is personalized to our exact situation.
     Tim is responsive, patient, and a great teacher of financial strategies to maximize retirement income. I have come to know him as a very trusted financial expert, coaching us very well.
     A great strength of the entire AdviceOne Team is that they know the Otis, UTX, RTX, and Carrier Retirement and Pension plans intimately. This simplifies conversations and allows them to craft specific investment and taxability strategies. We really enjoy the frequent client webinars and always learn something new.
     Enlisting the support of Tim has added peace of mind and confidence as we transition to retirement."

- Chiara Perry, Human Resources and Talent Development, Otis


     "When looking for a financial advisor, we looked for relevant expertise, a 'real' relationship, and a hands-on approach. We found all of this and more in Carlos Henriques and the entire AdviceOne team. Carlos and the team have expert knowledge of UTC/RTX, Otis and Carrier pension, retirement, and incentive benefits and this has helped us enormously with our financials. They really got to know us and our future goals – not just our financial goals. We are very happy with the care and trust we feel in our relationship with Carlos and AdviceOne and look forward to their continued support."

- Jon Martin, Executive, Legal Global Ethics and Compliance, Otis




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