Client Events

Meet the AdviceOne Fund Selection Team

Topics Include:

  • Building a portfolio
  • How does the Investment Team work?
  • Stock and bond portfolio review
  • New fund selection: A Case Study
  • Fund analysis and screening

State of the Market Discussions

Topics Include:

  • Themes from previous State of the Market
  • Current trends in economy
  • AdviceOne's current portfolio in equities and fixed income
  • Data on where we stand in the current business cycle
  • Interest rates, P/E ratios for each segment of domestic market

Pre- and Post-Retirement Strategies

Pre-Retirement Strategies Topics include:

  • All strategies regarding your current 401(k)
  • Determine pension decisions
  • Backdoor Roth IRA/Backdoor Roth 401(k)
  • The actual retirement decision
  • Formalize future-based NUA strategy      

Post-Retirement Strategies Topics include:

  • Formalize your plan for Social Security decisions
  • The true cost of not spending
  • Plan in advance for the next market crash
  • Qualified charitable distributions
  • When to cancel life insurance and/or Long Term Care insurance

Fundamentals of Investing

Fundamentals of Investing Topics include:

  • What is a stock?
  • What is a dividend?
  • The difference between value and growth
  • Large Cap, mid cap, and small cap companies
  • What is a bond?
  • Types of qualified plans
  • What is an IRA vs. Roth IRA?
  • Non-qualified plans
  • Capital gain
  • Diversification

Estate Planning Essentials and Aging Parents

Topics Include:

  • How trusts work
  • Avoiding probate
  • Revocable vs. irrevocable
  • Avoiding estate tax
  • QTIP trusts for blended families
  • Charitable gifting
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Education funding for grandchildren
  • Life and finances after a spouse’s death
  • Importance of an elder law attorney
  • Reverse mortgage basics
  • Implications with how assets are passed


Topics Include:

  • When, where and how to apply
  • What to do if you are still working
  • Understanding traditional Medicare
  • How Medigap plans work
  • Do you have to enroll in Part D?
  • What are the costs?